TV Series: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is an American TV series produced by Netflix.

Kimmy Schmidt was kidnapped at the age of 14 by a doomsday cult leader, referred to as the Reverend, and was held prisoner in a bunker for 15 years along with three other women. The Reverend led them to believe that the Apocalypse had taken place.

As she is freed at the age of 29, Kimmy Schmidt refuses to stay in Indiana. She flees the media frenzy surrounding the “mole women,” as they’ve come to be known. Unlike her fellow captives, who see it as “a fair reward for what we’ve been through,” Kimmy refuses to take financial compensation from all the media attention.


Kimmy Schmidt decides to move to a place where she will no longer be seen as a victim. She takes a step towards a life “of her own” in a fresh city where she can live anonymously: New York. Overflowing with optimism, and protected by her own naivety, Kimmy must find employment and housing. She quickly realizes that she’s unlike everyone else – she’s unfamiliar with cell phones, selfies, rent deposits, restaurant reservations, etc. – but she still pushes on. Everything is so much better than being locked in a bunker! Through her kindness, generosity, goodwill and a continual sense of wonder at being “free,” she overcomes the challenges and hardships life brings her way.

The Reverend’s trial illustrates how a master manipulator works, using careful insinuations to turn every situation to his own advantage, as he systematically twists the questions asked by the judge, who is unused to such manipulation. In a classic scene at the center of the trial, when media attention is at its highest, Kimmy’s roommate and friend Titus falls under the Reverend’s spell, as if hypnotized.

Luckily, it seems that there is nothing Kimmy can’t overcome. This series is a positive reminder of how life always comes through, and how it’s stronger than anything else!